Get an English Certificate by Taking the TOEFL Test in Westport CT

Some companies and universities conduct interviews prior to accepting an individual for them to qualify for a job or to get into a degree. The TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based exam and paper-based exam is one of the language certifications individuals may take to earn a credential that will prove their excellence in handling the English language in terms of speaking, writing, reading and listening. The internet-based test is administered more than 50 times per year while the paper-based test is only administered in areas where an internet connection or online testing is not available.

What are the Contents of the English Test?

The internet and paper-based test is divided into four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Each section has corresponding instructions and number of questions. The details for each section are as follows.

  • Reading:
    • 3-4 passages with 12-14 questions. Duration: 60-80 minutes.
  • Writing:
    • Integrated: written response to a short passage and short lecture. Duration: 20 minutes
    • Independent: essay about a given topic. Duration: 30 minutes
  • Listening: :
    • 4-6 lectures, each are 3-5 minutes long, with 6 questions per lecture. Duration: 60-80 minutes
    • 2-3 conversations, each are 3 minutes long, with 5 questions Duration: 60-80 minutes
  • Speaking:
    • Integrated: 4 questions, English skills needed in responding
    • Independent: 2 questions, express opinions, thoughts and ideas

Why Take the test

As an internationally-recognized certification test, the Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based exam and paper-based exam is known to produce reliable, accurate and unbiased results that are accepted across many companies, colleges and universities. This means higher chances for landing the job or getting into your preferred degree. Professional TOEFL study help can be provided by English instructors who are experienced in administering a range of review and study techniques that will help test takers improve their chances of passing the test. Get TOEFL study help from experts today!