Used College Books

Buy Cheap Textbooks & Resell College Books the Smart Way

The smartest way to buy and resell college books can be summed up in one word: locally. Buying and selling used college textbooks on your local campus is more cost-effective, time-efficient, and environmentally mindful than the long-distance alternative. Here’s why.

Why You Should Buy Local Used College Textbooks

Want to buy cheap textbooks? Then buy from other students on campus. When you buy locally, you don’t have to pay shipping and handling charges. You can also pay in cash, eliminating credit card charges. And when you buy local used college books, you’ll have the satisfaction of being green. No plastic or paper packing materials will be used, and no additional fuel consumption to transport your purchases will be expended.

Why You Should Sell Used College Books Locally

There are just as many good reasons to resell college books locally as there are to buy them locally. When you sell at long distances, you must gather packing materials, prepare books for shipment, and arrange delivery. However, when you sell to other students on campus, you’re job is simple. It only requires you to offer very little effort or time. All you have to do is arrange to meet the buyer at a nearby location.

How to Buy & Resell College Books

If you want to buy cheap textbooks locally, it is always best to check campus bulletin boards. Sellers will often advertise used college books there, additionally, you can search for cheap textbooks from your college or city online at Used College Books. Likewise, if you want to resell college books, go to the Used College Books website. There, at no cost, you can post the used college books you have for sale. You can also download and print a free advertising poster which you can customize and hang up on campus. Used College Books makes the easy process of buying cheap textbooks and reselling college books even easier.