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Best Prvate Home Breakdancing Lessons in Westport CT and Fairfield County Ct

Looking for breakdancing Lessons in Westport CT or Fairfield County?

We got you covered! we provide high quality Breakdancing instructors.  We have private instructors who we can help you get matched with.   We service, Westchester, New Haven and Fairfield County areas.

What type of Breakdancing Tutoring Services does our company provide for students who would like to learn breakdancing in Westport CT or nearby area?

  1. One on One
  2. Group Tutoring

What students is our service recommended for?

  1. Adults
  2. College Level Students
  3. High School or Middle School Students
  4. Elevementary or even Pre-K

What Breakdancing moves can our instructors teach?

Depending on what instructor you get, moves may vary, However common moves are

  1. Flares
  2. 1990s
  3. 2000s
  4. Windmills
  5. Backflips
  6. Front Flips
  7. Side Flips
  8. Ariels
  9. Foot Work
  10. Up rock
  11. Headspin
  12. Freezes

And many other moves, that our instructors can teach.


Is it recommended to learn breakdancing if student never done it?

     It's never recommended to engage into this sport unless you are willing to get hurt, this is why it's called "Break" :dancing".  People can break things such as bones, or furniture, but if you are not worried about this and still want to learn then we can help you get matched with the right and reliable instructor.  Kewl thing about our instructors is that you can pre-view their profile, see which one you like or even suggest your own hourly rate if hourly rates shown by our instructors you do not like. Breakdancing is a great sport if you are willing to exercise properly and take proper steps to ensure your self from breaking bones, wearing protective gear etc. However with the righ super vision and careful training breakdancing can be learned quiet easily.


What protective breakdancing gear should students wear?

During breakdancing students should wear

Protective Gear for elbows, knees, great spinning jacket, good spinning head.

Our instructors can recommend great gear, if you ask them during pre-screen online video conferencing interview before booking your session.


Do I have to sign contract before instructor arrives to my home or local area?

Yes, you must sign one and indemnify Tutoring Services, LLC and instructor from any of the following things that can go wrong.

1.  Student breaks a bone

2.  Student or instructor damages furniture or floor.

3.  And any other instances where independent contractor instructor or Tutoring Services, LLC can be held liable.

The good news is we are going GREEN company which means when you sign the contract we can show you how to do so easy way using IPAD app, so this way you do not have to scan or print paper, saving money and saving Trees. Speaking of Trees... we also help college students save money on college books by allowing students to post college textbooks on our UsedCollegeBooks.NET and meet with other students directly fact to face to buy or sell books from each other, helping us save books, avoid expensive bookstore fees and best of all helping environment stay GREEN.


Why breakdancing and why Westport and Fairfield county kids love it?

     Breakdancing is basically like a roller coasters once you learn it you never want to stop.  Kids always want to learn it to get popular in school, and adults learn it to stay in shape.  Whatever your goal is we can help you get matched with the proper breakdancing instructor to help you or  your son or daughter get better in breakdancing. 


Who is our breakdancing instructors ?

Instructors can either be breakdancing subject matter experts, fitness trainers, American Ninja Warriors or certified teachers in not necessarialy breakdancing related field but simply certified teachers for the state of CT for example.   Whatever your pick maybe we can help you get matched. 



What is the pricing for breakdancing lesson?

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       Pricing is something that each instructor specifies, our agency does not believe in the model of one site fits all, each instructor has unique expertise and therefore declards price themseles, we simply help breakdancing instructors get marketed and match make them, in exchange for our services we charge small comission fee that is included in student's price.  To schedule your first lesson directly at your home in Westport CT or nearby area simply contact us from the phone number above to help you get matched, or browse from this very same page for breakdancing instructors.


Feel free to check out their profiles and intro videos, and pay close attention if they offer group tutoring lesson or not.


What happens if i don't have space and how much space do i really need?


Ideally you will need at least 300 Square feet of space with 7 to 8 feet ceilings, the higher the ceilings the better (for flips etc)


If you have a party and renting out a center or space simply let us know ahead and we can arrange for instructor to come out to your party event, whatever it is, sweet 16, wedding etc, or even event in school.  We have done events in schools feel free to check out our instructor's profiles to get an idea of who we are and what we offer.


How are we different from dance learning centers or fitness centers or studios?

  1. Our tutors come to your home
  2. You do not need to drive to learning center or fitness center
  3. Some of our tutors offer group discounts.
  4. You are getting more learning effectiviness from the instructor then you would get in the learning center
  5. Breakdancers are trained to breakdance on the street and are great in spacial orientation that means they can also teach in settings outside of studio.
  6. Plus we can match make you not only with breakdancing instructor but with an academic tutor in math or science for example locally or online.

Do our Breakdancing  Instructors provide discounts packages for Fairfield County students on the budget?


Yes, please review instructors' packages, each instructor may have different packages.  Hence one instructor may be better in pricing then another.  

This is a sample of a breakdancing package from one of the tutors .  The more hours you buy the more you save.


How do I know which instructor is the best?

Best is rather vauge term, best can mean good in breakdancing, knows a lot of moves, knows how to speak with kids, very polite etc.  Hence it's a complex question, however to help you get better solidified match you can review each tutor's profile view their tutorials, see their videos, some even create practice tests in breakdancing, some provide first free lessons some do not, hence we let parents decide who is the best for their sons and daughters. 

Do we pre-screen tutors?


       Yes we do not allow sex offenders or anyone who has conflict of working with kids into our system, for safety of parents of Westchester County NY and reasoning.  Also you can meet tutor face to face before they show up at your home in Stamford CT or any other Fairfield or Westchester County area.   Pre Screening is a great feature, where  you can meet tutor even on your IPAD or Surface Pro device before tutor shows up at your home.  This is kind of a big deal when trying to decide on whom you would like to hire.


 About us

Our official site is  if you are an instructor and want to join our crew and company Tutoring Services, LLC feel free to send us email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call from the top right corner by the phone number you see listed.


On the budget? Don't like the rates? 

You can suggest your own price and see which one of the instructors agree. 




We also provide Breakdancing Tutoring Services for the following Areas

Best Stamford CT Breakdancing Private Lessons in student's homes.


To browse for your tutors search on this page, or call us from the top right corner phone number to help you get matched with breakdancing instructor.